The 2 Way Car Alarm: Security Measures Provided By A 2 Way Paging Car Alarm

The thing that is bringing automobile protection into the future is the 2 way car alarm.  Nowadays a car alarm is much more than simply a loud ringing noise that alerts the owner when the car is being invaded.  With a 2 way car alarm, it can now notify you remotely by way of a pager when the car alarm is activated.  With these 2 way car alarms, you are given the capability of being able to start and control your vehicle from a distance.   These amazing technological advances can do just about everything but drive the car for you!

Many manufacturers build GPS systems into their 2 way alarm units.  This can often be a valuable asset in the recovery of a stolen vehicle.  The owner is able to track and pinpoint the location of their stolen car.  This has helped reunite a number of owners with their vehicles.   The satellite technology that is used in these 2 way car alarms only produces signals when line-of-sight is present.  These signals can be obstructed by such solid objects as ground parking facilities.  This system still goes a long way in preventing car theft.

Aside from the security measures, some of the modern 2 way car alarm pager units offer attractive comfort feature to the owners. The latest development is touch screen design via the LCD 2 way car alarm. How would you like to be able to keep your car locked while remotely starting the car and turning on the climate control?  You can almost say good-by to the days when you have to wait in the cold or the heat until your vehicle’s temperature regulates.

It is true that there have been many advances made with the 2 way car alarm system.  However, these units cannot upgrade any vehicle beyond its original capabilities.  If a 2 way alarm system is installed in a car that has manual door locks and a manual trunk release, then you cannot expect automatic door locks and trunk releases to appear magically!  Also, most of the 2 way car alarm systems are designed to work only with automatic transmission vehicles.  A standard transmission vehicle is not able to be started remotely because the transmission has to be manually disengaged in order for the car to start.

How do you go about choosing the right 2 way car alarm unit for your vehicle?  The two manufacturers that seem to be the most reliable and least defective seem to be ScyTek and Scosche.  There are many different manufacturers of car alarms today, but these two seem to be the best.

ScyTek Electronics prides itself for making car alarms for over twenty years now.  They have made antitheft systems for many other companies.  They decided just recently to release their own products and now have captured one of the strongest edges in the market.  ScyTek was the first to release the 2 Way Paging car alarm

The Galaxy 5100RS 2 way car alarm made by ScyTek comes with all of the bells and whistles that you will ever need!  This system has two types of controls, dual zone shock sensors, a mini two-way antenna and a siren. This 2 way alarm system, the Galaxy 5100RS,  has some engine friendly features as well:  cold start timer, turbo timer, anti-grind option and selectable run time.  Programming the system is so simple that even a computer newbie could do it.  This product is definitely top of the line and will get you the best bang for your buck!

2 Way Car Alarm

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