The Audiovox Car Alarm: Narrow Your Selection With An Audiovox Car Alarm Review

Practically speaking, every car should have an alarm system installed.  If it doesn’t come standard with your car, what are you waiting for? Audiovox prides itself on providing car owners the best security on the market but at prices that everyone can afford.  These products are easy to find—almost every retail outlet that sells car alarms will have an Audiovox car alarm on the shelf, so buying one is as easy as going to your favorite store.    Here are some of the more popular Audiovox car alarms that are made by Audiovox:

Audiovox Car Alarm Review

Audiovox Car Alarm AA940:  This is a self contained remote car alarm and parking light flash.  This audiovox car alarm security system comes with two dual button transmitters.  Not only does this alarm sound audibly, but it sounds visibly by flashing the lights.  There are six shock sensor modes on this model and there is even an adjustable shock through transmitter.  If activated, the alarm will disable your car’s starter until you turn the alarm off.  It also comes with a bright blue LED light to mount on your dash, so that potential car thieves and vandals know that your car is protected, and they can shop elsewhere!

Audiovox Car Alarm AARS40CS:  This audiovox car alarm comes packed with extra features.  This has a range of one thousand feet for activation, gives the car owner keyless entry, has a start control that is double push, engine run times that the driver selects and it chirps to alert the car owner to the remote starting.  This car alarm will also disable the car’s starter and has anti-code grabbing technology built in.  The transmitters are programmable and have three buttons.  The alarm comes with two of the transmitters but can be programmed to accept as many as four (total).  The AARS40CS will also flash the parking lights while the car is running and after a remote start.  It has multiple shut down switches including a foot brake switch, an open engine compartment switch and a switch for manual override.

There is no reason you can’t protect your motorcycle as well as you protect your car.  The Audiovox Car Alarm MA200 is designed specifically for motorcycles.  It has a single pieced receiver and sounds a siren alarm if activated.  There is anti-scan technology; the siren has two tones as well as an intrusive alert, the option to flash the parking lights and a remote emergency panic function.  It also features dual vehicle operation from the transmitter.

You might have thought that Audiovox only made home theater equipment, but the truth is that this company is also a very accomplished car alarm manufacturer as well.  Audiovox can be bought just about anywhere from an electronics depot to a department store to a Wal-Mart.  Anywhere that sells car alarms is going to carry Audiovox.  Take a look through their website and you will see the sheer volume of different car alarms that you get to choose from—and they are all affordable!

Audiovox Car Alarm

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