A Cheap Car Alarm Protects Your Vehicle

You want to make sure your car is protected, but you don’t want to have to spend an entire paycheck on your car alarm.  What you need is a cheap car alarm.  Luckily there are such elusive creatures; you just have to know where to find them and which one offers the best features for the smallest price. 

When choosing an alarm system you want to look for a few key features.  The first is, obviously, that the alarm will be attention grabbing.  You don’t want something that people are going to mistake for a single car honk or something that is easily ignored.  You will also want to be able to activate you alarm remotely through your key fob.  This is important because in the event that you walk into a situation in which there are prowlers near your car, you can activate the alarm and scare them off without ever having to directly cross paths with them (hopefully).  You will also want to have more than one key fob.  The last thing in the world you want is to lock that key fob in your car and then end up setting off your own car alarm in an attempt to get to it.  Finally, if you can afford it, you will want a car alarm that will activate your car’s lights as well as a siren.  That way there won’t be any confusion that something is amiss with your vehicle if the alarm goes off. 

Here are a few of the most reliable and cheap car alarms we could find:

The cheapest car alarm we could find was the Wrap Steering Wheel Lock.  This cheap car alarm has a four out of five star rating at NexTag.  The alarm covers the steering wheel to keep the airbags from being stolen and works like an alarm and a steering wheel lock in one handy package.  People who have bought this cheap car alarm have loved the results, which are reflected in its high rating.

Another cheap car alarm we found was The Crime Stopper.  The Crime Stopper CS2011DPII Deluxe Vehicle Security Alarm/Remote Start Combo has a siren that uses six different tones and projects them at a higher decibel level than other car alarms, which means that nobody will be able to ignore it.  There are four outputs, two that are programmable and two that are fixed.  It also has thirty different programmable options. 

These are just two of the cheap car alarms we found.  There are plenty more to be found through sites like NexTag and Google.  Most of the cheap car alarms we found were under one hundred and twenty dollars, which makes them not only cheap but more than worth their asking price.  While we don’t ever really want to think about or cars getting stolen, the facts are this:  without a reliable car alarm (even a cheap car alarm) our chances of being the victim of auto theft or vandalism are a lot higher than if we did have a car alarm

Cheap Car Alarm

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