The Cobra Car Alarm Range: A Cobra Car Alarm Review

In the business of car alarm security systems, Cobra car alarms have established themselves competitively against others on the market today. Every 20 seconds a vehicle in Europe is stolen and those statistics remain strong without any indication of decline in the future. Vehicle theft costs consumers over 3 billion each year and many theft from vehicles still goes unreported today.

Cobra Vehicle Security has been around for over 25 years and was the first company to manufacture an electronic vehicle alarm. They are the leader in automobile security and Delta Electronics manufactures their systems in Italy. Cobra car alarm systems are known for their ease to install and high customer support. They have ISO 9001 standards in place for European directives. Cobra car alarms are waterproof, highly resistant to a variety of temperature changes, and distributed in the UK by the Vestatec Group of Companies.

Cobra produces many types of alarms, immobilizers, combined systems with alarms and immobilizers, parking sensors, keyless entry and tracking systems for every consumer need. Whether you have a newer vehicle or an older one, you will find a Cobra car alarm for you. Cobra car alarm products are widely distributed throughout the UK by the Vistatec Group of Companies.

Cobra car alarms are extensively manufactured with the Thatchum set of standard criteria. In 1993 the Motor Insurance Repair Research Center (MIRRC) at Thatchum in Berkshire was trusted with establishing the standards for vehicle security systems. This rigorous testing has produced an insurance industry accepted categorized listing of approved products.

Cobra Car Alarm Review:

The 3198 Mini Modular Thatchum car alarm is similar to the 3868 Compact ‘PLIP’ Thatchum alarm/immobilizer. Both of these Cobra car alarm units provide protection to doors, boot and bonnet, contain ultrasonic sensors with the option for additional optional sensors, and have an anti-hijack facility. Both of these systems are the perfect solution for softtop vehicles. The Cobra 8510 Thatchum Immobilizer system is a touch key operated by two circuit immobilizers and is also insurance approved.

When looking at Cobra car alarms that combine an alarm with an immobilizer, Cobra vehicle securities have many different products to suit your needs. The Cobra models 8186, 8188, and the 7926 Category 1 alarm/immobilizers are also ideal for softtop vehicles and come with a variety of features. These models also protect the doors, boot and bonnet, have a visual arm and disarm indication, and include a touch key override.

Cobra car alarm products also include a unique line of tracking products that are labeled CobraTrak and contain full European coverage. These units have been tested and are listed under the new Thatchum category specifications. This system is a perfect compliment to any cobra car alarm system.

When researching a line of vehicle security systems, Cobra car alarm products are upstanding and unique products that have been tested and are widely recognized by automobile insurance companies throughout Europe. You know that your vehicle will be protected and even in some instances recoverable when you install a Cobra car alarm for your peace of mind.

Cobra Car Alarm

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