The Galaxy Car Alarm: A Review Of Galaxy Range

Every car owner wants to protect his or her car from vandalism and theft.  This is why car alarms are so popular—that and the rising incidents of car theft and car vandalism.  Every car should have a car alarm.  When choosing a car alarm it is important to make sure that you get one that not only fits your budget but that meets all of your safety requirements.  Galaxy car alarms are a very popular brand of car alarms.  With Galaxy car alarms you can decide how many levels on which to protect your car from threats. 

Galaxy Car Alarm Review:

One of the most popular Galaxy Car Alarms is the ScyTek Galaxy 5000RS-2W.  This is a two way remotely start fully featured galaxy car alarm.    This Galaxy car alarm has a two way security system with a two way LCD remote control.  This security system/car alarm controls the power locks on the doors, the trunk release, the parking lights, the courtesy lights and even has a remote engine starter.  There is a cold start time built into this system and it can be easily programmed.  There is a one year manufacturer’s warranty that comes with this system.  People who have bought the ScyTek Galaxy 5000RS-2W have all had very positive things to say about it.  One of the most popular features is the remote start which has a wide range.  One user was even able to start his car from a quarter of a mile away. 

The ScyTex Galaxy 5100RS car alarm is one of the popular Galaxy Car Alarms.  This system is very similar to the ScyTek Galaxy 5000RS-2W.  It has a two way security system that is controlled with a two way remote control (but this control has a full color LCD Display).  It also comes standard with a one way remote and an electronic sensor for impacts that is dually staged.  The security system controls the power locks, the trunk and the lights.  Like the 5000 RS-2W, this one cam be remotely started, but this security system will start both gasoline and diesel engines.  It has a smart network port and a selectable engine run time.  The only warning users had for this Galaxy Car Alarm was to say that it is best to get it professionally installed.

When you choose one of the Galaxy Car Alarm systems remember that you are getting a ton of features in one small package, so it is worth the higher cost. Galaxy Car Alarms can run higher than a lot of the other alarms that are currently on the market.  The extra cost is worth it though thanks to all of the extra features.  It isn’t every day that you find a car alarm that will start your car from a quarter of a mile away!

Car alarms are just one more necessity in our ever increasingly busy world.  Car alarms protect your car from vandalism as well as theft and are the best way to make sure that you and your car stay safe.  Galaxy car alarms, in particular are fantastic at keeping automobiles safe and damage free.

Galaxy Car Alarm

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