Gemini Car Alarm: Functionality And Security Features

A Gemini car alarm is a perfect addition to a vehicle for security conscious individuals and corporations that want to protect their vehicle from theft and intrusion. The Gemini company is ISO 9001-2000 quality certified and exports over 78 percent of its products to over 45 countries. With billions of dollars of vehicles stolen annually on a worldwide basis, a Gemini car alarm is a great choice to improve personal or corporate vehicle security.

The Gemini car alarm system is classified according to three different product descriptions: compact, modular and specially adapted alarms. Compact alarms offer an easy installation including the base unit, siren and alarm functions. The modular Gemini car alarm system comprises a number of different units installed in different areas of the vehicle. This provides an additional layer of security making it more difficult for the thief to locate and compromise the system. Specially adapted alarms consist of compact and modular units which are fitted with an original equipment transmitter. The alarm systems provide for door, bonnet and boot protection.

The functionality provided by Gemini car alarms, such as the Gemini 7590 car alarm include universal central door locking, built in double engine immobilization, blinker alarm, override electronic key, LED’s alarm memory, output for coded siren and fully programmable functions. Some of the fully programmable functions include: central door locking timing, buzzer during arming and disarming, buzzer alarm memory, voltage drop sensor, panic function, automatic arming of the system, automatic rearming of the system, automatic door locking while in motion, override electronic key and self learning rolling code two channel transmitters.

Many insurance companies approve of the Gemini brand of car alarms so when purchasing a Gemini car alarm security system you should be sure to have the alarm installed by a qualified installer who can issue an approval certificate. The benefit of having an alarm installed, in addition to improved vehicle security is the fact that insurance companies recognize them as a theft deterrent and provide a reduction in insurance premiums. After all, the money is better off in your pocket so having an alarm installed not only improves your vehicle security but reduces your overall insurance cost over the lifetime of the vehicle.

Gemini car alarms come equipped with a full 3 years warranty to provide peace of mind for your alarm purchase. The Gemini organization also makes a range of immobilizers, comfort accessories, sensors, sirens, transmitters and parking sensors. With the quality and warranties provided, Gemini products are a good choice for all your vehicle needs.

Gemini Car Alarm

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