The Jeep Car Alarm: Protect Your Vehicle With A Jeep Alarm System

Every vehicle needs to be protected by an alarm system, whether it is a sports car, a family car, a van, a truck, or even a military issued vehicle that has been adopted by the public (aka the Jeep).  The best way to protect your Jeep is with a Jeep Car alarm, but there are so many on the market, it is hard to figure out exactly what you are looking for. 

The first thing you need to do after making the very smart decision to buy a jeep car alarm is to decide how extensive you want your car alarm’s protection to be.  Do you want to just protect the body of the jeep?  Do you want to protect the contents of the jeep? Do you want to protect the wheels?  How extensive do you want this protection to be?  Do you want keyless entry, so you won’t have to try and find the right key as you walk to your jeep at night?  Do you want a remote engine starter?  These are all things to look into before heading out of the house to buy your jeep car alarm.

The best person to talk to when you are trying to decide which jeep car alarm to buy is your mechanic.  Your mechanic most likely does not sell jeep car alarms, so he won’t be trying to up sell you anything.  Instead he or she can give you an unbiased opinion about what jeep alarm system works the best as well as giving you an authoritative opinion on just how extensive your jeep car alarm needs to be. 

Here are a few of the jeep car alarm systems on the market today:

The JC Whitney Remote Alarm System with 2 Wire Hookup is affordable and easy to install.  JC Whitney boasts that this jeep car alarm can be installed in ten minutes and the installation process won’t require any tools.  The Jeep auto car alarm itself features a four button remote that will arm the system, locate the jeep and even activate an instant panic button to alert others to your need for assistance.  The alarm system has a shock and current sensor that will set the alarm off if your jeep gets bumped or moved without having been started by you first.  It also has a transmitter range of 250 feet.

Automotive Direct sells an Alarm-Keyless Entry – 3000M1 that has two transmitters and offers keyless entry, a disarming signal that is audible and visible and has a remote silent alarm as well.  The alarm will siren at 125 decibels.  This system also comes with a panic button, and controls the doors, the trunk and has anti-hijacking protection in place. 

Every Jeep needs to be protected with a jeep car alarm.  Make sure to do your research and talk to your mechanic before you guy a jeep car security alarm, but securing your Jeep with an alarm is no longer an option, it is a necessity.  You will feel much safer once your jeep car alarm has been installed. 

Jeep Car Alarm

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