Guidelines For Selecting A Motorcycle Alarm System: Motorcycle Security Alarm Reviews

Vehicle alarms are not just for cars. If you have invested money in a motorcycle, it stands to reason that you will want to protect it from being stolen. Sometimes motorcycle alarm systems are installed as either standard or optional equipment, but most motorcycles come with only a steering lock. Some come with a computer chip built into the key, like in a lot of cars, but this only stops someone starting the motor – they can still pick up your bike and steal it.

Tips for Choosing a Motorcycle Alarm System

First of all, decide how much you have to spend. A motorcycle alarm system can vary in price from $15 to $200. You can save money by installing it yourself. With some types of alarm this is relatively easy but, with others, you might be better having it done professionally. A $15 alarm will give your bike some protection but if you can afford a $75 alarm, it will have more features and give your motorcycle added security.

Alarms vary in their features. Some emit an audible siren and others might send a warning message to a cell phone or pager. Have a look at motorcycle magazines, browse online forums and ask biking friends for their opinions and recommendations. Decide which features you want the motorcycle security alarm to have. A flashing LED, for example, shows the bike is alarmed and puts off thieves before the motorcycle is touched.

Always use the motorcycle's built-in safety features, as well as any extra security you buy. When you do buy an alarm, buy locally so you can return it easily for repair if it happens to malfunction.

Don’t rush the purchase of an alarm system. Check out a few places and compare prices rather that buying the first one you find.

Some Recommended Motorcycle Alarm Systems

The Quasar Kit 1011 motorcycle alarm has a vibration sensor to detect movement of the bike and trigger the alarm. You can adjust the vibration sensitivity. When the alarm is triggered, you can set the alarm up to use the bike's horn, indicators or other detachable warning devices. You can choose from 6Vdc or 12Vdc and this alarm is priced at around $25.

The Talon-T 3300 motorcycle alarm system has a dual-stage shock system, so any contact with your motorcycle is registered. It also features a battery back-up system, so the alarm will function even if the wires are cut. The control module is very small, so will fit easily in your seat compartment. It is simple to install yourself and comes with a 2 year warranty. This motorcycle alarm system is priced at $130.

Another great security system is the King's Gun KG-9D M/C Motor cycle alarm, which has a powerful 110dB siren, comes with waterproof remote transmitters, remote engine start, a panic button and alarm override. Installation is via connection to the battery and it only takes 30 minutes to set up. This model sells for around $150.

For your peace of mind and the safety of your bike, it is wise to invest in a motorcycle alarm system, so you can enjoy your bike for many years to come, without it being stolen.

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