Prestige Car Alarm System: An Overview Of Audiovox Models

With vehicle theft costing the economy billions of dollars on an annual basis, a prestige car alarm system is a great investment in your car security. Not only do these systems act as a theft deterrent, they can also reduce your premiums over the lifetime of the vehicle. Prestige car alarm security systems offer several different options including remote transmitters and are fully programmable for active or passive arming.  Systems vary in functionality and include additional features such as headlight illumination, auto lock and un lock ignition capability, remote panic, dual vehicle capability and a starter disable feature. There are several different models available that can be purchased from the local electronics store or over the internet from an electronics retailers such as
A brief review of several Prestige car alarm systems follows:

APS155CH Prestige Car Alarm System:
Features 3 channel receivers, smart disarm, enhanced panic, 2 stage shock, on board relay, keyless entry, up to 100 foot range, super bright blue LED status light and full warranty. The warranty terms and conditions are presented in the product manual. This alarm retails for around $65.

APS15CH Audiovox Prestige Security System with shock sensors:
This model features a 6 tone siren, 2 button code hopping transmitters, single stage shock sensor, parking light flash, 7 function red LED, 3 channel receivers, keyless entry and trunk release outputs and dual vehicle operation. A full warranty is provided with the purchase. The retail price for this product is around $47.95

APS20B Prestige Car Alarm:
Features horn output, dual vehicle operation, keyless entry, trunk release, 3 receiver channels, 7 function red light, parking light flasher, 6 tone siren, 3 button icon based transmitters and separate lock and unlock buttons. The retail price for this product is around $56.99.

APS255CH Prestige Car Alarm System:
This alarms features 7 function super bright blue LED, 3 receiver channel, parking light flash, dual stage shock sensor, 6 tone siren, starter disable relay, custom code override, dual vehicle operation, 3 button icon based code hoping transmitters. The retail price for this car alarm is $69.95.

Car Alarms don’t have to cost an arm and a leg as demonstrated by the cost of a prestige car alarm system. The price of protecting your vehicle with an alarm sends a message to the potential offender that should they attempt to break and enter there is a high chance that someone will be alerted, increasing the chance that they will be caught.

Prestige Car Alarm System

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